Part of building a brand is what you do on your site (That's what "Building a Niche Site Brand" is all about), but it is also getting diverse traffic sources. Google Discover is one of the best ones because it's tailor-made for publishers like you and me. 

In case you've been considering Discover, I'm offering you the chance to get my Playbook on this page only. I've got years and 4 million clicks from GD under my belt that I reveal everything I know in 8 actionable chapters. 

Please note that there is NO OTHER WAY to get this playbook other than to pay my $1500 consulting fee. So if you've been considering Google Discover, get my playbook now! 

8 Actionable chapters  7 keys to get into Discover 
6 Secrets of successful articles  AI Prompts Guaranteed 30 days

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Curious about what's inside? Here's what's revealed in each chapter...

7 Keys to getting into Discover

Did you know? If your site is ranking on Google, it's eligible for Google Discover. But just because it's eligible doesn't mean Google's going to start sending you traffic. No sirree. Luckily, I've identified the 7 key factors to get your articles featured in Discover. You'll find the tell-all in chapter 1.

Hijacking news content

Fun fact: Discover just LOVES fresh content. In this chapter I reveal how to hijack news content in order to "tempt" Google into discovering your site. Includes done-for-you ChatGPT / AI prompt to make things easier than ever.

Decoding the recommendation engine

One of the best things you can do when it comes to Discover decoding the recommendation engine. It doesn't matter how it works, just as long as you can pick up on what it tends to recommend. In chapter 2, I reveal how to find out what's constantly working for your niche.

NEW traffic on OLD articles

You don't need to be creating new content over and over to feed the Discover beast. In fact I have a way to get NEW traffic from OLD articles. With a mix of old and new articles, it's an endless loop of traffic that can be VERY profitable when done right.

Articles that are irresistible to Discover

A huge part of the reason why you've never enjoyed Discover traffic is simply because your articles are too vanilla
Not trying to judge or start a beef here, it's just that there is a certain type of content that is irresistible to both Discover and users. Find out what type of content this is in chapter 8.

6 Elements of wildly successful articles

I've been enjoying Discover traffic for years. After a while, I've started to notice patterns about all of my most successful Google Discover articles. I reveal what these 6 patterns are in chapter 7.

The Discover NEXUS

If you've got an article on Google discover, guess what? You can double to triple your traffic by piggy-backing off the original articleAll you need to do is help Google "connect the dots" with my Google Discover Nexus technique. 

What Google doesn't want you to know

Google always keeps its secrets close to its chest. Good news is, we have the Department Of Justice to force them to reveal their hands. And boy did they. This chapter is all about what you can do to exploit the admissions of Google's own employees for your site!

BONUS: Discover Cheat Sheets

As a FREE BONUS to my Google Discover playbook, I will also give you access to my Discover Cheat Sheet (an internal tool) where I have compiled:

  • The top 102 Top demographics to target
  • 78 Top adjectives to use in your headlines
  • Top 100 Interests that Discover loves to pick up

All of this in an easy-to-use Google spreadsheet for easy reference

I am offering a 30 day no questions asked guarantee. You can get a 100% refund within 30 days. If you decide my playbook is not for you, simply shoot me a quick email and I'll promptly refund you.

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My Google Discover Playbook is normally reserved for
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No thanks, please do not add this offer to my purchase


Check out the success from my methods:

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I have been online since 2005 and have generated over a Billion pageviews.
I've weathered multiple Google updates, and since I share what I've learned,
here's what others had to say about me...

" A fresh perspective "

" Tony looks at SEO from an engineer’s mind – and that means an insane amount of detail and, more importantly, a fresh perspective. ​ Things that I’ve seen Tony accomplish are often predicated on techniques and strategies that are unique, fresh, and ever-changing – which is a huge advantage in today’s SEO climate, where AI is constantly pressing into efficiencies."

Jessie Cunningham

SEO and Youtuber

" Has helped me a lot "

"I’ve been using some of Tony’s tactics and feel they formed at least some of the reasons our sites have been recovering in Google.

 ​Tony had some ideas no others had prioritized, and helped me a lot with using NLP, entities, and entity salience for SEO. These are now central in our SOPs. ​"

Jamie I.F.

Affiliate SEO & Founder Increasing.com

" Invaluable "

" Tony Hill has proven to be an invaluable asset to our SEO agency. ​ With his deep expertise and first hand experience in SEO, meticulous approach to process, and unparalleled clarity in communication, he delivered an exceptional deliverable that exceeded our expectations."

Jared Bauman

201 Creative, Niche Pursuits Podcast

" A wealth of insights "

" Tony has a wealth of insight on not only understanding what it is that Google's algorithms and systems are built to reward, but also in translating that to actionable advice.

 ​I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his breakdowns of how he works to better understand what it is the user needs and meeting that need in the content he produces. "

Dr Marie Haynes

SEO and Consultant

" Great insights "

" Tony clearly had deep expertise & experience in SEO. ​ He provides lots of great insights & practical tips. His articles on SEL have not disappointed. 

His one on stealing featured snippets with ChatGPT will likely be one of the most-read contributor articles of 2023."

Danny Goodwin

Managing Editor, Search Engine Land

" Unmatched "

" Tony's willingness to share the ins and outs of growing a site is unmatched—from the step by steps of improving salience scores to deep dives on driving a heap of Google and non-Google traffic to sites. Plus, he’s got a great last name. ​"

Shawn Hill


" Learned from him "

"Tony is someone to pay attention to in this business. ​ His mind-blowing threads in the FatStacks forums are mini-courses on how to get traffic from several sources. ​

 I’ve since gotten to know Tony and have learned more from him about driving traffic to niche blogs than probably anyone else I know. 

He’s methodical in doing and teaching all he does. ​

Jon Dykstra

Portfolio Owner, Fatstacks

" Innovative "

" Tony's approach to growing niche sites is innovative, refreshingly practical, & highly effective. ​ His deep understanding of web publishing continually impresses me. ​ His ability to synthesize complex topics into actionable strategies sets him apart from others."

Anne Moss

Portfolio owner, Yeys.com

" Tony is next level "

" Tony is next level when it comes to SEO, Pinterest traffic, content upgrades, Google discover traffic, and scaling your content. ​ If you get a chance to learn from him, I would jump at the chance. ​ Behind-the-scenes, he's doing things that most people would never even think about."

Kim Roach

Founder of Insanely Good Recipes 

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed"


Senior Journalist

You've seen Tony in...


Still thinking about it? 

Consider this: You either know how Discover operates or you don't

If you don't know how it operates, well you will have to spend months on end figuring out how to get your site on Discover. If you get a hit, start a spreadsheet and start tracking what headline, what images, what angles get picked consistently and then make your strategy.

Or let me hand you all of the above on a silver platter. The 7 key factors to getting into Discover, the 6 elements of wildly successful articles, my AI prompts & more

Heck, I'm even providing you with my spreadsheet with the top 102 top demographics to target & 78 top adjectives to use in your headlines. It's normally an internal tool for my site but I'm throwing it in here.

So if you've been considering Google Discover, simply scroll down to get started right away.

- Tony Hill


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My Google Discover Strategies

8 Action-packed chapters

7 Keys to getting in Discover

Top 102 Demographics to target 

 Top 78 Top Adjectives to use & more 

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